Travel Safe with Mediterranea Sports Tour

Travel Safe with Mediterranea Sports Tour

Mediterranea Sports Tours is an ACAVE Travel Agency 

ACAVE Translation to English: Corporate Association of Specialist Travel Agencies of Spain

As an ACAVE agency our trips include the following:

Experience: Professionals who know the tourism product that will assist you and advise you according to your preferences and needs.

Guarantee: The peace of mind that comes with knowing that ACAVe agencies meet all legal requirements and have all the guarantees.

Security: ACAVe agencies work to ensure that the contracted services are properly provided, and offer you an immediate resolution of any problem that may arise during the course of the trip.

Consultancy: ACAVe’s travel agent is more than a salesperson, he/she is a tourism advisor and consultant who can make your dream trip come true.

Technology: Our agencies are companies equipped with the latest technology and have highly qualified staff that guarantees a fast and efficient management.

Diversity: In ACAVe you will find travel agencies capable of offering you all kinds of services of any specialty.

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